October 06, 2021

How To Grow Coffee Plants Successfully The Complete Guide




Coffee plant Coffea arabica, also referred to as The Arabian coffee, produces the finest quality and fragrant coffee beans. It is becoming more popular to grow coffee plants at home, since they are difficult to find and expensive. So, the best choice is to cultivate it at home. However, cultivating it at home can be a bit difficult. We'll provide you with all the tips and tricks to grow coffee plants successfully at home in this post.

Origin and habitual growth

Originating from Yemen and Ethiopia The coffee plant is known as the Ethiopian coffee plant. It is a well-known plant that is grown in a variety of countries around the globe including Africa, South America and Asia. The most two popular species of coffee plant are Arabica coffee (Coffea arabica) and Robusta (Coffea canephora).

The coffee plant can be grown in a soil garden or in a pot. They typically stand about 5 meters tall. Their height is a matter of control by growing them in containers. The plant has beautiful green leaves and it blooms at least twice per year. It is beautiful and many people plant it not just to make coffee but also as a decoration.


This plant is still rare and, as we've mentioned before. It can be commercially grown in many locations, but it is not easily accessible. Additionally, it's expensive. It's almost impossible to find a cut or plant at your local nursery. You can grow your own seeds.

The seeds of coffee plants are readily accessible online. However, you should buy seeds from a reputable online source to make sure they are fresh. Fresh seeds sprout faster than other seeds. The time for germination is usually between one to six months.

It is highly recommended to begin sowing between spring and mid-summer. If you live in a tropical or subtropical zone, you can plant the seeds at any time.


coffee plants can be grown in ceramic or plastic pots by most gardeners. The plastic pots are lighter, so they are more popular. There are a few things you must keep in mind regardless of the pot you pick. The first is that drainage and depth are crucial. Make you sure that the foundation you've chosen is deep enough and has a good drainage.

The second thing to consider is choosing an area that is humid and warm for your container. Third, temperature is important. Coffee plants thrive when temperatures range between 53 F-80 F (12 C to 25 C). The plant will start to shed leaves if the temperature increases over or falls below these levels.

Sunlight exposure

Coffee plants need only morning sun. The afternoon sun is damaging to the plants. It could cause damage to their leaves. Therefore, make sure that the plant gets sunlight only in mornings. Visit here: https://myvirtualcoffeehouse.com/ for details.

Soil quality

Coffee plants have a deep root system. They require soft soil that is easy to access. A hard soil can hinder plants from growing properly. They need a slightly acidic , moist and spongy soil. The soil's quality can be improved through the addition of humus and manure.


They love the water of spring and also in water. To ensure they flourish and thrive it is vital to water them frequently in the spring and fall. Be sure not to over-water. The soil must be kept moist, but not wet. In the wintermonths, decrease the watering.


Making sure that the soil is prepared for sowing is crucial. After a few months, 100gm is recommended. of citrus fertilizer. For a better growth rate for your plants apply fertilizer once a month during the growing season. It is best to apply the same fertilizer employed for citrus. It is advisable to also apply iron fertilizer on your plant since it is commonly known that coffee plants suffer from iron deficiency.


You'll need to give your coffee plant a certain amount of humidity, especially if it's planted indoors. You can use a humidifier to get the best results.


If you have a coffee plant inside, you must prune it. Once your plant has grown to 2 feettall, you can begin pruning it (24 '').). To encourage branching lateral, you can simply remove the point of the plant's growing tips. Continue to prune and pinch off your plant's new growth to manage its height. Keep in mind that coffee plants prefer heavy pruning.


Coffee plants are not frost-tolerant plants. They are susceptible to freezing temperatures. Your plant will be killed if the temperature drops to below 30 F (1 C). So, to ensure your plant's safety you must either cultivate it indoors and at least bring it inside in the event that temperatures fall below 41 F (5 C). It is important to note that these plants need morning sunlight, thus, make sure to place them next to windows when growing them indoors.


Once it is planted coffee plants begin to bear its first fruits in four to five years. Harvesting the plant is easy and can be accomplished by various methods. Hand picking is one of the most popular. This method will ensure that the quality of your fruits remains excellent.

This is how you can cultivate coffee plants. Follow these steps and within just a few years you'll have a productive coffee plant. Enjoy!

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